The CLA is the membership organisation for owners of land, property and businesses in rural England and Wales.

We have been safeguarding the interests of landowners, and those with an economic, social and environmental interest in rural land since 1907. We achieve our goals by being professional, relevant and forward-looking, and our successes in key areas give our members the security and certainty to invest in their land and business.

CLA members own or manage around half the rural land in England and Wales and more than 250 different types of businesses. The work they undertake in the best interests of the land has a positive effect on wildlife and the natural environment, and their diverse and successful businesses are the heart of rural communities.

Our in-house professional advisory team offers members independent and impartial advice on every aspect of their landownership, and through the experience and expertise of our members and staff, we promote our members’ interests to ensure the positive development of the rural economy. CLA professionals lobby continuously at national and regional level ensuring a visible presence and influence in the media and with government.

As the only organisation solely dedicated to landownership, the CLA is able to provide members with a range of ways to make valuable connections – with people, with information and with distinctive services. And as they manage their land and businesses for the long term, so CLA takes a similar long-term view, demonstrating leadership in shaping policy thinking from concept through to significant, often fundamental, change.

If you own land it is in your interests to be a CLA member. We will help you make the most of your land today and for future generations.

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