Corporate Governance

The CLA is first and foremost a membership organisation. All major decisions affecting the organisation are made by members at a national and local level.

The CLA’s strength comes from the diversity of our members. We strongly encourage members with all kinds of rural businesses to participate in the running of the organisation, and invite them to contact their regional office to discuss how they might contribute.

Branch committees

Each county in England and Wales is covered by a branch committee dedicated to supporting the needs of members locally. Supported by the regional office, the committees give advice on key issues affecting members’ interests and raise matters of importance to them, to feed into national policy-making.

National committees

The Policy Committee, made up of elected and appointed members, determines the CLA’s approach to national policy issues.

Policy-making is underpinned by a range of national policy sub-committees. Polisi Cymru covers policy matters in Wales. The other committees are: Agriculture and Land Use, Taxation, Business and Rural Economy, Environment, Forestry and Woodland and Legal, Parliamentary and Property Rights.

These committees work closely with the CLA’s team of policy advisers to develop and approve key policy proposals and strategies.


The CLA Board, chaired by the Deputy President, has control over the affairs and property of the CLA. It oversees the running of the CLA and holds the Director General and executive team to account for delivery of the CLA’s corporate plan.

The Board is currently comprised of:

Mark Tufnell – Chair of the Board & CLA Deputy President

Mark Bridgeman – CLA President

Victoria Vyvyan – CLA Vice President

Alexander Dickinson

Nick Downshire – Chair of Audit & Risk Committee

Andrew Grant

William Fox

Susie Villiers-Smith

Sarah Hendry

Rupert Ashby


The CLA Council is the key representative body of members, chaired by the President and made up of elected and appointed members from across every county in England and Wales. The breadth of experience and perspective that this brings enables the Council to fulfil its role of advising the Board and its committees and to act as the CLA’s conscience in delivering its objects.

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