Countryside Code

The British countryside is famed the world over for its beauty. It's no wonder millions of people every year visit rural communities for holidays and day trips. CLA members consider it an honour to act as custodians of the countryside, and warmly welcome visitors seeking to reconnect with the natural world.

It is vital though that we teach young people to respect, protect and enjoy these landscapes. That is why the CLA has partnered with Leaf Education to offer a variety of resources to teachers and youth group leaders, allowing them to work with children and young adults to understand that safe and responsible behaviour in the countryside is fundamental to enjoyment of it.

Lesson plans

Download our resource pack for teachers and youth group leaders seeking to promote responsible use of the countryside

Countryside Code teacher resources - Waymarker Game

Do you know your footpath from your bridleway? Your byway from your permissive path? This game is key to a safe and enjoyable visit to the countryside.

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