CLA69 - Saving VAT on work to heritage and other existing buildings

There is a widespread concern that VAT at 20 percent is forcing owners of heritage to cancel or cut back work, both repair work and alteration vital to the long-term health of heritage buildings. This handbook points out the many ways in which VAT can be saved, in the hope that this will enable owners to continue to modernise and repair their heritage and other existing buildings.

The handbook is split into three parts covering:

  • the general background to VAT on work to existing and heritage buildings;
  • the different ways in which VAT can be reduced or in some cases removed from almost any work to existing buildings;
  • the need for project-specific advice and where to find it.

To order this handbook:

telephone 020 7460 7969 – please have your membership and credit card numbers to hand;


go to the CLA online shop.

Price for members: £29 - Price for non-members: £129

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