CLA33 - New Transport Schemes: Roads, Rail & Canals

This handbook covers the Transport and Works Act 1992 which is used to deliver new roads, railways and canals. The Act includes compulsory purchase provisions that can be used by private developers and public authorities.

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telephone 020 7460 7969 – please have your membership and credit card numbers to hand;


go to the CLA online shop.

Price for members: £22 - Price for non-members: £122

GN01-13 Rural Broadband Wayleaves

This Guidance Note offers advice to landowners as to the background to the need for rural wayleaves in order to roll out broadband to the final 1/3 of the rural area that is currently hard to reach.  There are also attached agreements for the apparatus for both private and not-for profit installers.  These should be seen as permanent rights and therefore appropriate professional advice should be sought before signing.

Click here to download the PDF.


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