Warning to check outbuildings issued after £300,000 worth of stolen equipment found in barn

Thames Valley Police's Rural Crime Taskforce appeals for farmers to inspect stables and sheds
TVP barn stolen machinery
The recovered machinery was worth around £300,000, Thames Valley Police estimate.

Thames Valley Police's Rural Crime Taskforce has appealed for farmers to inspect outbuildings, after £300,000 worth of stolen equipment was found in a barn in south Buckinghamshire.

Acting on intelligence, the team found and seized a number of items of plant and farm machinery.

It has now issued a warning to farmers and landowners to check stables, barns and sheds, as disused buildings are increasingly being used by gangs to store and hide stolen equipment.

The force tweeted; "Can you confidently account for all activity on your land?

"When was the last time you inspected that remote run down old stable or visited that derelict barn?

"We recommend remaining vigilant and reporting any suspicious activity."

It recommends reporting incidents online or by calling 101. You should also call 101 if you find stolen equipment stored on your land.

Chief Constable speaks to CLA members

The Chief Constable of Thames Valley Police, Jason Hogg, was the CLA's guest speaker at the Bucks County Show last week.

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