Planning authorities must play their part in tackling rural housing crisis

09 October 2015

The CLA, which represents rural landowners and businesses, has called on planning authorities to play their part in tackling the rural housing crisis.

CLA President Henry Robinson appealed for action on BBC Radio 4’s You and Yours today, highlighting the problem of some planning authorities obstructing the conversions of farm buildings into homes. Mr Robinson’s appeal follows comments he made speaking at the British Institute of Agricultural Consultants’ conference on 8th October.

Mr Robinson said: “There is a major housing crisis in the countryside, and many rural landowners want to be part of the solution. Planning authorities must not stand in the way of the conversion of agricultural buildings into homes unless absolutely necessary.

“The CLA has made real progress by securing from Government clear guidance that makes it easier for planning authorities to know when to allow things like barn conversions. In some parts of the country this is working very well and helping to provide desperately needed homes. However there are other areas where planning authorities are blocking these so called permitted development applications. Whenever they do, they set back the aspirations of young people, retiring farmers and rural workers who need homes to live in.”


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