SFI is ground-breaking, says CLA as 2024 actions expanded

New, streamlined Sustainable Farming Incentive 2024 set for summer rollout with expanded actions and options
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Full details of the expanded Sustainable Farming Incentive (SFI) offer have been published by the government today.

The CLA is encouraging farmers to apply for SFI 2024, after the government published more details of its expanded and improved offer.

This summer the expanded SFI offer will comprise 102 actions, including over 20 new options to support more sustainable food production.

There will be payments for precision farming, agroforestry, a new and expanded offer for upland farmers and more actions for tenants on short-term contracts. Further new actions will support flood preparedness.      

Defra said the scheme is on track to be the 'most popular ever', with 23,000 applications received.

More than 50 simplified actions from Countryside Stewardship Mid Tier will also be merged into SFI, to streamline the application process for farmers.

'Grow confidence'

Country Land and Business Association (CLA) President Victoria Vyvyan said:

“The CLA is a long-time supporter of the Environmental Land Management schemes (ELMs), and we welcome this expanded offer with improved choice and payment rates, and its move towards greater simplicity.

“It is unfortunate that not all of the actions will be ready for the July launch. Nonetheless, the new options in SFI 24 will grow the confidence of farmers who will receive income for delivering environmental benefit as well as the consumers who will continue to enjoy world-class British food.

“This is ground-breaking policy development and the schemes are growing year-on-year. ELMs is the most environmentally sustainable farming policy in the world. We encourage all farmers to consider how ELMs can work for their businesses.”

Stay tuned for further CLA analysis on the SFI offer for 2024, and click below to explore our comprehensive guide to the agricultural transition in England.

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