Diversifying your business - introducing camping and glamping to your land

This webinar covers the planning implications and regulations for those considering offering camping and glamping on their land and advice on the business case

In this webinar, supported by Hipcamp, we introduce the idea of offering camping and glamping on your land and the important areas to consider when opening a campsite for the first time.

The webinar covers:

  • The business case for offering camping on your land, its earning potential and chances of success.
  • Planning implications, regulations, and the impacts on your land use.
  • The common development stages of a camping business, from your first year to an established income stream.
  • Top things to consider when starting out for the first time.
  • An open Q&A with CLA Midlands Rural Surveyor John Greenshields and Jonathan Knight and James Warner-Smith from Hipcamp.
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