Brexit: New Opportunities

Brexit has and will fundamentally change the rural economy of the UK, The CLA has been working hard with Government, civil servants, media and other stakeholders to best promote the needs of our members and the landowning community.

These pages will be able to give you an overview of all of the work, and thinking that the CLA has done to push forward policy for life outside of the EU. There are papers on trade, land use, labour and much more.

The Agriculture Bill has been the first piece of legislation on farming for 60 years, and click here for a summary of everything you would need to know on the Bill.

For all of the latest updates on Brexit, check out our blog.

Land Management Contract 

The way that land will be supported post Brexit will be radically different from the previous EU funding. The Government has set out it’s intentions to change to a payments for a public goods model within the Agriculture Bill. The CLA sought to establish what this could look like and put forward the Land Management Contract.


Food Farming and Environmental Policy

The CLA’s vision is for a post-Brexit Food, Farming and Environmental Policy that enables profitable farming through improved agricultural productivity, competitiveness and resilience, as part of a wider thriving rural economy. Below is an outline of how the CLA believes a future policy should be structure. Click here or on the image below to view the full document.

New Opportunites: How To series 

Brexit will of course not just impact on farming and agriculture but areas such as Trade and Labour. Click here to read the CLA’s policy work into this.


Find out more on why decisions are being made, the politics behind them and most importantly what the CLA is doing on behalf of its members.