CLA responds to net-zero by 2050 announcement

12 June 2019


Responding to the government’s net-zero announcement, CLA Deputy President Mark Bridgeman said:

“These ambitious targets should be welcomed as the first step towards achieving a net-zero economy by 2050, while helping to focus minds on the challenge ahead.  

“Now comes the difficult job of creating workable policies which will ensure the UK leads by example in delivery too. The CLA is ready to work with government to help make these a reality.  

“Net-zero targets are simply unachievable without the support and input of landowners and farmers who will be crucial in the strategy’s delivery. The successful introduction of environmental land management schemes will be key, creating the platform which will, for example, deliver the billions of trees to offset emissions.  

“Finally, the work has to continue on the international stage to ensure a global response. We should avoid implementing policies which simply exports our carbon to countries with less of an environmental conscience.”