Worcestershire Branch

Worcestershire committee is here to represent the interests of its members and ensure that your concerns are heard at county, national and European levels.  We are fortunate to have representatives from across a wide spectrum of the rural economy on our committee, from farming and landowners, tourism, equine and rural businesses large and small.  We are your voice, and please feel free to contact your committee via the regional office at midlands@cla.org.uk if you have any concerns you would like to address, or indeed if you would like to become more involved. Don’t forget that we run a range of events throughout the year and look forward to meeting you.

Your Committee

President Edward Holloway
Chairman   Yan Gittins
Vice Chairman Nicholas Lechmere


Penelope Bossom 
Georgina Britten-Long
Nigel Bullock  
The Viscount Cobham  (Christopher)
Andrew Grant 
Peter Hughes 
Iain Morrison 
Peter Philips
Andrew Shirley-Priest
Michael Simpson
Mark Steele 
Pip Webster 
John Wilesmith 
Andrew Woods 

Some issues covered in recent committee meetings:

  • CAP Reform
  • Broadband
  • Rural and Farming Networks
  • Water Issues
  • Rural Tourism
  • Nitrate Vulnerable Zones
  • Localism
  • Younger members


Your Chairman’s Annual Report 

Representation  Branch members and regional staff are currently involved with the following bodies and consultations:

  • Worcester Rural Hub
  • Biodiversity Action Plan
  • Conservative Business Forum
  • Learning and Skills Council
  • Three Counties Agricultural Society
  • Local Strategic Partnership
  • Droitwich Market Towns
  • Worcestershire Partnership Environmental Group
  • South Worcestershire Development Plan Preferred Options
  • Worcestershire Councils Landscape Assessment
  • Worcestershire Woods