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CLA Midlands provides advice, services and rural representation for members in the counties of Cheshire, Derbyshire, Herefordshire, Leicestershire & Rutland, Shropshire, Staffordshire, Warwickshire and Worcestershire

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t: 01785 337010 e: midlands@cla.org.uk

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CLA Midlands, Knightley, Woodseaves, Staffordshire, ST20 0JW

Information and advice

Full members enjoy free, unlimited access to independent, impartial information and advice on rural, farming and business issues from our in-house advisers.

Regularly updated guidance notes, advisory handbooks, monthly Land & Business  magazine, regular e-news and bulletins covering the latest news, issues and updates. 


Local, county and regional lobbying activities help inform MPs, MEPs, authorities, agencies and the general public on your behalf.


Each county has a branch committee elected from the membership that ensures local concerns are addressed at the highest level.


Members can access a range of exclusive benefits including insurance, energy services, healthcare, discounted vehicles and offers from other members.


Members enjoy a wide range of  local events and activities, including conferences, briefings, networking, estate & farm visits and social functions. 

Your Local Branch Committees

Our branch committee members are the eyes and ears of the CLA in each county and form an important role in formulating national policy, ensuring views and concerns of members in the Midlands are taken into account with CLA national lobbying. 

Branch Committees meet before each CLA Council meeting, where chairmen raise issues directly with the CLA Presidential team in order to influence Policy.

To find out who is on your branch committee follow the links below.

We are always looking for new members to join committees. If you might be interested please contact Jan Hewes at the regional office on 01785 337010 or jan.hewes@cla.org.uk for an informal, confidential discussion.

Jan can also help you contact any committee members, should you wish to raise a particular issue.

Cheshire Committee

President: Sarah Callander Beckett
Vice President (Life): Viscount Ashbrook 
Vice President: Sir William Bromley-Davenport KCVO FCA JP 
Chair: Annabel Farbon
Vice Chair: Rupert Jackson


Edward Barnston
Henry Brooks
Edward Clark
Richard Cornwall-Legh
William G Fergusson
Ross Houlden
Richard Kennerley
Annette McDonald
Bruce McConnell
Phillip Posnett
David K Rowlands
Steve Wilkinson
Paul Hutchinson
Martyn Dobinson
Kate Mason

Derbyshire Committee

President: The Hon David P C Legh DL FRICS 
Chair: Edward Hicklin
Vice Chair: Vacancy


Adrian Davie-Thornhill 
Catherine Desmond
Janna Fitzalan Howard
Sir Richard FitzHerbert Bt. 
Robert Gosling 
Alice Lampard
Edward Marshall
David Merton
Godfrey Meynell
Matthew Pocock 
Michael Shuttleworth 
Edward Tennant 
W Mark D Twelves 
Mrs Denise Wilkinson 
Nick Wood

Herefordshire Committee

President: Joe Evans
Chair: William Shuttleworth
Vice Chair: Rupert Foley


Francis Chester-Master
Richard Corbett
Peta Darnley
James Davenport
Lucie Hammond 
James Hervey-Bathurst 
Jo Hilditch  
Sue Powell
Jo Thomas
Helen Thomas  
James Verdin
Arabella Salwey
Ben Drummond

Leicestershire & Rutland Committee

President: Sir Richard Tollemache Bt 
Chair:  Rachel Walker
Vice Chair: Tom Beeley

Patrick Beddows
Robin Clarke
Lord Cromwell (Godfrey) 
Peverel Manners
Andrew Moffat  
Alf W Oliver  
Geoff Wright
Charles Wollaston
Becky Wilson
Neal Patterson

Shropshire Committee

President: The Hon. Selina Graham
Chair: Dimitri Harrison
Vice Chair: Lord Hamilton (Gavin)

The Viscount Boyne (Tavie)
The Hon. Charles Bridgeman
Alex Carson Taylor
Steven Corfield
Tom Downes
Lord Forester (George)
William Heywood-Lonsdale
Robert Jagger
Roger Plowden
Simon Scott
Rhydian Scurlock-Jones
Peter Ward
Michael Watney
Charlotte Marrison
Richard Corbet

Staffordshire Committee

President: Paul Wolferstan
Chairman: Michael Eld
Vice Chair: Wojtek Behnke

Sarah Baugh
Robert Browne
Andrew Collier
Ben Duncan
Richard Dyott
James Eld 
Charles Gifford
Alexander Hall
Roy Jackson
Ted Juhre  
John Leather
Neil Mainwaring
Piers Monckton  
Helen Gough

Warwickshire Committee

President: The Earl of Aylesford DL 
Chairman: Mark Dickin
Vice Chairman: Vacancy


Alan JL Cockburn
Brian Dalby
Marcus W Faulkner  
Michael Fetherston-Dilke DL 
Ian Flavell
Peter Gregory-Hood 
John Hall 
John Hammon
David Lodder  DL
Robert Morton  
Fred Moreton  
Alex Robinson
Roger Stone  
The Viscount Daventry (James)
Alistair McGregor
Sam Gosling
Sam White

Worcestershire Committee

President: Nicholas Lechmere
Chairman: Iain Morrison  
Vice Chairman: Jon Clifford


Penelope Bossom 
Georgina Britten-Long
Michelle Boliver
Nigel Bullock  
The Viscount Cobham (Christopher)
Peter Edwards
Yan Gittins
Lucille Glencairn-Campbell
Andrew Grant 
Edward Holloway
Peter Philips 
Michael Simpson
Rod Spollon
Mark Steele  
Stephen Watkins
Pip Webster  
John Wilesmith  
Liza Randall
Emma Davies