CLA Northamptonshire branch

The Northamptonshire branch committee is here to represent the interests of the county's members and ensure that your concerns are heard at county, national and European levels.

Contact your committee via the regional office at if you have any concerns you would like to address, or indeed if you would like to become more involved.

President: Rupert West

Honorary Vice-Presidents: Sir Hereward Wake Bt MC DL.

Chairman: Mark Henderson

Committee: Marcus Berridge; David Bletsoe; James Broadbent; Robert Brudenell; Jonathan Farr; Rachael Gladstone Brown; Fred Hillsdon; David Hutchinson; Justin Mumford; Rebecca Ruck Keene; David Reynolds OBE DL; Colin Sotherby; John Thame; Alice Townsend; Johnny Wake; and Gareth Williams.