Proposals for Time Limiting of water Abstraction Licences

Defra has consulted on proposals to introduce a system of imposing time limits
on all abstraction licences.  The CLA is concerned that, whilst the proposals
may have merit, the case has not been made out in the consultation.  Before a
whole new regulatory regime is imposed on abstractors, the justification needs
to be fully thought through and all the options, not just more regulation, need
to be considered.

GN04-09: Campaign for the Farmed Environment

The Campaign for the Farmed Environment has been developed by the industry as a voluntary approach to retain and recreate the environmental benefits associated with former set aside land.  It has been developed by the CLA and NFU with industry partners in GWCT, FWAG, LEAF and AIC.  This Guidance Note provides the background to the Campaign and answers some of the common questions CLA members have on this approach.

Environmental Standards in Farming

The CLA have outlined concerns regarding government proposals to introduce compulsory measures into cross compliance (Option A) which would require arable farmers and growers to actively manage five percent of their land, in addition to that already in agri-environment schemes, for environmental outputs particularly since success criteria seem to be based on areas of land out of production rather than the environmental outputs coming from such land.  The CLA have advocated an industry led, voluntary proposal known as the Campaign for the Farmed Environment (CFE) which would better address the environmental outcomes sought by government.

Defra Consultation on Water Protection Zones and Works Notices

This is a joint industry response by the Country Land & Business
Association, Agricultural Industries Confederation and National Farmers Union to
the Water Protection Zones consultation.  This mechanism seeks to give defra
powers to control diffuse pollution from agriculture by designating zones in
catchments where problems have been identified.  The response addresses specific
details and asks further questions for clarification as well as proposing to
Government a "WPZ charter" of principles


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