Planning for the future white papter analysis

The CLA has analysed the government's new planning white paper Planning for the future which set out Ministry for Housing, Communities and Local Government’s proposals on how to fundamentally reform the planning system in England. The paper is underpinned by three pillars: planning for development, planning for beautiful and sustainable places, and planning for infrastructure and connected places./sites/default/files/Planning white paper analysis.docx(1).pdf

England Peatland Strategy

The CLA responded to the England Peat Strategy in August 2020, highlighting the need to look at different targets and restoration techniques for upland and lowland peat, and the importance of peatland as a habitat for wildlife, productive agricultural land and a tourism asset.


Defra released a consultation on June 19 on the UK government’s Tree Strategy for England. The consultation document sets out Defra’s current thinking on the future for our trees and woodlands and asks various questions to help shape the final England Tree Strategy which is expected later in 2020. This Briefing Note – which applies to England only - summarises the key issues in the consultation document.


GN08-20 Woodland Carbon Guarantee Scheme

This note provides information on the Woodland Carbon Guarantee (WCaG). This is a £50m government scheme which provides a financial incentive to land managers in England to plant new woodland to help tackle climate change by removing carbon from the atmosphere. The scheme is run by reverse auctions every six months or so. The guidance note summarises how the scheme operates, how to apply and outlines the carbon market. It also outlines the Woodland Carbon Code, the voluntary standard for UK woodland carbon projects, under which applications to the WCaG scheme have to be registered. The Woodland Carbon Guarantee scheme operates in England only.


These Regulations came into force on 1 June 2020 (England only) introduce another important element to the long list of landlords’ legal responsibilities. They place an obligation on private landlords to check compliance with the relevant electrical safety standards in order to ensure that electrical installations in the private rented sector are safe for continued use.  

This Guidance Note sets out the scope of the new legislation; the implications for relevant landlords; the enforcement regime and some practical advice on what steps landlords should be taking now.  

It contains a link to the latest Government guidance but members should please be aware that this will be reviewed again as there have been some discrepancies over the start dates.


GN06-20 'Wet' Wood & Coal: Restriction & Phasing out of sales of domestic supplies in England

In late February 2020, UK Government announced a phasing out of sales of house coal within three years and restrictions on sales of wet wood from February 2021. These new restrictions apply to England only but similar measures are being considered by Welsh Government. This guidance note sets out the new rules, the reasons for them and how they will affect members.


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