Energy Red Tape Challenge

The formal scope of the Red Tape Challenge excludes regulations on tax and spend measures and the activities of the independent Economic Regulators - for example the Renewables Obligation (tax and spend) and license conditions for electricity suppliers (Ofgem).

Electricity Market Reform

The CLA's response to DECC's consultation on Electricity Market Reform has flagged its deep concern that the proposals appear to ignore the important role that smaller scaled distributed generation can play under the current FIT, and its advice that this sector should not be subject to the EMR proposals.  The CLA sets out cogent reasons why a contract for difference system would exclude small scale investment.

Future Funding of Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management (February 2011)

In general the CLA is supportive of a review of the funding process, which will hopefully allow more private money to contribute to flood defence schemes and ensure they go forward but doubt this will make much difference to rural areas
with low population density.  The Government thinking which continues to follow the pathway mapped out by the 'Making Space for Water Policy' is a particularly dangerous one.  There are high levels of uncertainty around climate change
impacts and in tandem the predicted population growth and food security needs are not addressed by the policy and this funding consultation.


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