Bovine Tuberculosis: The Government's approach to tackling the disease and consultation on a badger control policy

The Government has consulted on the merits of adding culling to the list of which Bovine TB can be controlled and eradicated. 

For years the CLA has been pressing the government to do more to mitigate the impact of bTB on rural business.  The effect the disease has had on farmers and others in the South West and the Midlands is appalling.  Thousands of cattle are slaughtered each year at huge financial and emotional cost to farmers.  Moreover the costs to the tax payer are significant and rising year on year.

The Official Feed and Food Controls (England) (Amendment) Regulations 2011

The CLA opposes the FSA's proposal, it is felt that by allowing the consultation document itself shows that the FSA has prejudged the situation, assuming that anyone who disagrees with their interpretation is non-compliant with food law.  Thus they cannot be allowed to be judge, jury and executioner and the Food Business Operator must be allowed to remain in business to have the case heard by an independent appeal.


The Implementation of the EU Pesticides Legislation

This consultation was on how the EU Sustainable Use Directive should be enshrined in UK regulation.  The CLA argues for no gold-plating of UK regulation, no arbitrary pesticide reduction targets, the ability to continue to aerial spray and the need to use plant protection products in areas to which the public have access.  The CLA also argues against further prior-notification of spraying, and against increasing the burden of sprayer testing.


Susan Twining

Susan has been the CLA Chief Land Use Policy adviser since 2017. Prior to this she was an Associate Director and head of the Sustainable Food and Farming business at ADAS UK Ltd working with farmers, the supply chain and governments to deliver sustainable production systems. The CLA land use policy team focusses on agriculture, forestry and the environment and work closely with the rural economy, tax and legal teams to cover all aspects of business, land and property ownership across England and Wales.

Fraser McAuley

Fraser is a Land Use Policy Adviser who has worked for the CLA for over two years.

Following an undergraduate degree in agriculture from Aberystwyth University, Fraser worked on and managed a number of different dairy farms in the UK and New Zealand. He then completed an MSc in Agriculture and International Development from the University of Reading.


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