CLA members enjoy beaver talk and tour

Wildlife trust updates members on plan to submit licence application
IOW beaver walk 2.jpg
CLA members at Newchurch Moors Nature Reserve

CLA members enjoyed a tour around Newchurch Moors Nature Reserve on the Isle of Wight, and heard more about Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust’s plan to release beavers.

The trust believes the reserve has excellent wetland habitat that would make it a prime candidate as a release site, and is keen to engage with the CLA to gauge the reaction of farmers and landowners on the Island.

A feasibility study was carried out in 2020, and the trust's Beaver Recovery Project Officer was on hand to guide members round the reserve – much of which is not publicly accessible – and answer questions on beaver impact and management.

If there is sufficient local support, HIWWT hope to submit a licence application in due course.

The CLA is keen to hear members’ views on the plans, whether for or against, so we can best represent you.