Reimagining land use

The shift from a subsidy-based agriculture economy to a new focus on biodiversity and sustainability is creating a once-in-a-generation change for landowners. You don’t have to tackle this uncertainty alone.

The CLA can help

Government remuneration for landowners will soon be based on the Sustainable Farming Initiative, the Local Nature Recovery Programme and the Landscape Recovery Scheme, all activities that have a cost to deliver but no immediate market value. And food production will remain a core activity, though without the same subsidies and therefore with reduced income.

For over 100 years, the CLA has been helping our members diversify their businesses, creating a rural economy that delivers for current and future generations.

We can help you navigate the intricacies of the new remuneration regime and maximise the potential of your land.


You need to find new revenue streams.
What will work for you and your land?

  • Bed and breakfast

  • Residential lettings

  • Caravan sites and Glamping

  • Self-catering accommodation

  • Farm shop and Catering

  • Fishing

  • Festivals

  • Conference and wedding venues

  • Commercial shooting

  • Commercial lettings

  • Visitor attraction

  • Renewable energy

Perhaps you have another idea?
You might even be considering leaving
farming altogether.

Professional advice

Whatever route you're planning, you need to take a range of factors into consideration. These include:

CLA members can access our team of professional advisers as part of their membership. And we handle over 5,000 requests each year: the advisers know what they’re doing.

Annual membership subscriptions are based on your acreage. A typical member pays under £300 a year, which is less than many professionals charge for an hour of their time.

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