CLA makes the case for support for businesses facing price volatility

16 December 2015

Support payments to farmers are necessary to ensuring a stable and more resilient agricultural sector, safeguarding the environment and food security whilst providing businesses with the certainty needed to invest and grow.

This was the message expressed today by Ross Murray, President of the CLA (which represents landowners, farmers and rural businesses), when appearing before the EU Energy and Environment Sub-Committee to give evidence on price volatility and agricultural resilience.

Mr Murray said: “At a time of such volatile prices in every farming sector, the long established practice of farm support offers the security necessary to help overcome market fluctuations.”   

Mr Murray also noted the importance of diversification and alternative skills and training for agricultural resilience, as they empower rural businesses to branch out into a number of less volatile income streams, helping to combat the effect of price fluctuations.

He added: “Farmers and landowners need access to skills and training to further enhance their business structures and harness future technologies.

“This requires a strong policy framework at both EU and national level to help farmers diversify their activities to ensure a more resilient business model.”