Mental health and wellbeing in the rural industry: How can we combat the challenges?

This podcast explores the mental health challenges that are faced within the agricultural industry and what support can be provided to combat them.

Mental health includes our emotional, psychological, and social wellbeing. Farming and other agricultural related professions are known to face particular mental health challenges, with higher than average rates of depression and suicide. According to the Farm Safety Foundation, 81% of farmers under 40 believe that mental health is the biggest hidden problem facing farmers today and 92% believe that promoting good mental health is crucial if lives are to be saved and farmers kept safe.

What will you hear?

Hazel Craig, Senior Data Analytics and Wellbeing Consultant at CLA Healthcare, discusses the current circumstances of mental health within the rural industry, the pressures that contribute towards poor mental health and why those in rural areas are more susceptible.

Leo Savage, Global Wellbeing Consultant at CLA Healthcare, shares with us how widespread poor mental health in the farming community is, how you can support your colleagues and employees, and the resources that are available through CLA Healthcare and other organisations and charities.  

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