UK Government announces Renters Reform Bill

Gove announces scrapping of section 21 evictions
Rural homes

Introduced to Parliament on 17 May by Housing Secretary Michael Gove, the Renters Reform Bill includes proposals for a variety of housing laws which will affect millions of landlords and tenants across England. This includes a commitment to abolish section 21 ‘no fault’ evictions in an effort to support renters who challenge poor landlords.

The CLA, whose President Mark Tufnell recently met Michael Gove to discuss the Bill, is concerned the new legislation will have unintended consequences for rural tenants and landlords.

The CLA is concerned that the government has seriously underestimated the impact of these reforms on rural businesses and communities – where employers often need to provide housing for their employees. There is a serious shortage of homes in rural areas and these proposals risk making it harder to rent a home, without making it easier to buy one

CLA President Mark Tufnell

“Everyone wants to see fairness in the private rented sector, where the rights and responsibilities of both landlords and tenants are balanced appropriately" said CLA Mark Tufnell responding to the Bill. He continued "In the absence of section 21 therefore, the courts must be properly resourced to ensure disputes can be resolved without undue delay.

“The Decent Homes Standard is an unnecessary repetition of existing legislation – which is still not being properly enforced by local authorities. It is right that the rare examples of rogue landlords and anti-social tenants are held to account for their actions. But it is important that this Bill does not become a breeding ground for divisive rhetoric about private landlords, who for the most part provide quality housing to millions of people.”

The CLA will provide further analysis of the Bill shortly, explaining what the news means for members.