CLA responds to suspension of Canadian trade talks

Unfair for British farmers to compete with imported meat produced to lower standards, says CLA President
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Talks between the two countries on reaching a bespoke agreement have been taking place for nearly two years.

The CLA has welcomed the UK government halting trade negotiations with Canada in a row over hormone-treated beef.

Negotiations between the two countries on a post-Brexit trade deal have broken down after nearly two years, with the Canadians pushing for the UK to relax a ban on such beef.

Country Land and Business Association President Victoria Vyvyan said:

“The CLA welcomes the government’s decision to suspend talks on a new trade deal with Canada.

“The UK government is right to reject the Canadian demand for the UK to allow imports of hormone-treated beef – it is simply too big a price to pay.

"British farmers rear cattle to the very highest animal welfare and environmental standards. It would be an unfair market for British farmers if they have to compete with imported meat produced to lower and cheaper standards than would be legal here.

“Free trade deals represent an opportunity for the UK food sector, but only if our world-class standards are protected in the process.”

The government said it was open to restarting talks with Canada in the future.