CLA Consultation Response Permitted Development Rights

The CLA has responded to a Government consultation on changes to permitted development rights related to temporary campsites, solar panels, and film-making. The consultation proposed changes to solar panel permitted development rights which would increase the locations in which solar panels could be installed and increased the allowed capacity of the installed systems. The consultation also proposed extensions to film-making permitted development rights to bring them in line with how the industry has evolved. The consultation proposes a new permitted development right for temporary campsites of up to 30 tents for 60 nights a year. Currently, there is a 28 day right for temporary uses of land, which was extended to 56 days during the pandemic. In our response we call for the 60-day right to apply to all temporary uses of land, not just campsites. The CLA’s response to this consultation was informed by discussions at the Business and Rural Economy Committee, Policy Committee, Branch Committees and Council.

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Graham Clark
Graham Clark Senior Land Use Policy Adviser, London
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