As part of the Rural Business 2030 programme, the CLA is unveiling fresh insights from across the landowning rural business community about what is involved in making investment decisions.


In partnership with Barclays the CLA has undertaken research to quantify the level of private investment made by landowning rural businesses into the rural economy. The CLA set out to understand what level of investment land owning businesses undertake by answering the following questions:

  • What level of investment do land owning businesses make in the rural economy?
  • Is this investment a foundation for economic growth in rural areas?

The data which has been put together using information from the British Bankers Association, Council of Mortgage Lenders, the Bank of England and Defra shows that there is significant investment in the rural economy by landowners.

However, there is also the potential for an even greater level of investment should rural businesses have the confidence in the economy and government policy to make them.

Key findings

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CLA Community Panel Research 2016

The CLA commissioned DJS Research to undertake a survey of its landowning membership on their attitudes and motivations to investment. The survey was undertaken online during July and August 2016 and supplemented with telephone interviews in the same period. In total 826 responses were received.

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