CLA win as three millions homes and businesses set to receive full-fibre broadband

30 July 2020

BT subsidiary Openreach has outlined plans to bring full-fibre broadband (FTTP)* to an additional three million homes and businesses in some of the UK’s most hard-to-reach communities.

The CLA has, for decades, campaigned for improved digital connectivity in rural areas, most recently as part of its Rural Powerhouse campaign which identified poor internet access as one of the primary reasons for the productivity gap between rural and urban economies.

CLA President Mark Bridgeman said:

“This announcement from Openreach is a welcome step towards eradicating the digital divide between urban and rural areas.

“Connectivity has played a vital part in home working during the Covid-19 pandemic and, with many individuals and businesses considering a move to the countryside, it’s essential that rural communities continue to receive better coverage.

“Greater digital connectivity in the countryside will play a critical role in the nation’s economic recovery, allowing businesses to invest, grow and recruit long into the future.”

Our Rural Powerhouse campaign seeks to unleash the potential of the rural economy. Today’s announcement marks a significant step forward in achieving that goal.

For more information, read the press release in full here

*Full-fibre broadband uses a fibre optic cable to connect to households without using any copper cable. FTTP connections are capable of download and upload speeds over 1 Gbps. It is currently the fastest and most reliable broadband technology.