D-Day - 80th Anniversary, 6 June 2024 events

CLA members across the North invited to take part in commemorative events on 6 June 2024

CLA members interested in hosting either public or private events to commemorate the D-Day landings in Normandy on 6 June 2024 (80th Anniversary) can now read more in a 'Guide To Taking Part in D-Day 80'.

In addition to commemorating everyone who directly participated in this historic event, the enormous support efforts of those in the farming and fishing industries will also be acknowledged hence the organisers' encouragement to all those taking part on 6th June next year, to light beacons and eat fish and chips.

People seem to forget the important and amazing part our farmers and others that worked the land etc, played during the difficult time of WW II, in keeping the nation fed, not knowing if loved ones would ever return.

Organisers already have the involvement of Country Women Countrywide, National Federation of Fish Friers, the organisation that undertakes Fish and Chip Day each year and the Hadrian’s Wall World Heritage Site Partnership Board who will be encouraging communities along the Wall to participate. (See pages 8, 9 and 10 of the Guide)

Page 3 of the Guide has a message from the Prime Minister encouraging communities to take part. Page 20 lists all charities that will be involved in this occasion.

Ways to participate

  1. Where practical/possible, members can light a Beacon at 9.15pm on 6 June next year, similar to those found on pages 11 and 12 of the Guide. (These can of course be organised as private occasions for family, friends and those that work on the farms).
  2. During their event, encourage guests to eat fish and chips with Mushy Peas, with the latter two, representing the farming community in this special occasion.

Members can register their interest to participate with D-Day 80 Pageantmaster Bruno Peek CVO OBE OPR by emailing him details of your planned event (including details such as County/address, plans for your event; and whether it is a private or public event). Only public events will be listed.

Email: brunopeek@mac.com

Mobile: 07737262 913.