CLA Women’s Network in the Midlands

The Midlands team hosted a successful CLA Women's Network zoom call
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The first CLA Women’s Network zoom call with members, since the covid lockdown, was held by the Midlands office last Thursday (22nd September).

Founded in 2020 by our Director General Sarah Hendry, who joined our call on the day, the CLA Women’s Network is encouraging women to be more active within the CLA and is creating networking, mentoring and business opportunities for our women members.

It was lovely to see so many members, some of whom I have met before and some whom I have not, joining together to have, what became a very lively and personal discussion about how women members can all help support each other with the challenges of running their businesses

CLA Director General Sarah Hendry

We are currently working on events for women members in the region which will be advertised on our social media pages and the events section of our website.

If you would be interested in joining the Midlands Women’s Network, you can visit the Facebook page (@CLA Women’s Network) or you can email

Find out more about the CLA Women's Network here

Key contact:

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Natalie Oakes Communications Manager, CLA Midlands