Blog: New Net Zero Infrastructure - What if your property is affected?

Join Rural Surveyor John Greenshields as he takes a look into the electricity infrastructure and how it might affect you

In the drive towards Net Zero, there is a need for huge investment in infrastructure, otherwise the targets cannot be realised. This infrastructure will have a direct impact on members. For the purpose of this article, I will avoid considering the new power sources such as Sizewell C in Somerset. I will instead focus on the vast amount of new power lines that will be required in a new electrified Britain.

According to the Government, the electrical demand placed on the current system will go from the present level of approximately 60GW up to an upper end Net Zero demand of 200GW. These new electricity sources will also need a correspondingly large increase in the network, in order to bring this power to businesses and homes across the nation. As such subject to the locations of supply, demand (within an increasingly decentralised system with renewable projects popping up across the nation with a recent increase in member enquiries stimulated by the current price crisis) and ability to link up within the existing network Government expects an increase in electricity cabling of 200,000 to 610,000 km by 2050.

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We recommend that members seek professional representation if they are ever approached by companies who are looking to install utilities.

Members can find professionals via the CLA Business Directory (, and the cost of your professional should be covered by the utility company. In addition to this, we strongly recommend that members familiarise themselves with the contents of the CLA Guidance Note 31-19 on the matter (

For larger infrastructure, such as high voltage transmission infrastructure it may be the case that the project is viewed as a Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project, in which case we recommend that members view Guidance Note 07-22 (

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