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In our latest staff feature we introduce you to our Regional Coordinator Alexandra Stone
Alexandra (Alli) Stone

In our latest feature on the CLA East team we find out more about our Regional Coordinator Alli Stone.

What does your role at the CLA entail?

I am the Regional Coordinator here in the East, I coordinate the branch committees, organise AGMs and manage the office. I also support the regional team with everything from research to events. 

How has your role changed during the Covid-19 pandemic?

Normally we would all be working from the office in Newmarket and I’d be planning a lot more travel around the branch committees, AGMs, shows and other events which has all had to stop for the past year. As we’ve been working from home, all the calls to the office number come through to my mobile phone, so I have spent a lot more time speaking with members. I’ve also spent a lot of time getting to grips with Zoom!

You oversee the organisation of the CLA regional committees. Is this something any member can get involved with?

We welcome involvement from any CLA member on all the local and national committees. If you want to join your local committee then please get in touch with me or your branch Chair, and we would be happy to talk through what happens and have you join a meeting as an observer to see if it’s for you. Branch committees are one of the best ways to get involved with CLA policy, in the last year we have discussed everything from a national CLA water strategy and climate change to more local issues like access and rural crime. 

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