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Susan Twining

Susan Twining

Chief Land Use Policy Adviser

Susan has been the CLA Chief Land Use Policy adviser since 2017. Prior to this she was an Associate Director and head of the Sustainable Food and Farming business at ADAS UK Ltd working with farmers, the supply chain and governments to deliver sustainable production systems. The CLA land use policy team focusses on agriculture, forestry and the environment and work closely with the rural economy, tax and legal teams to cover all aspects of business, land and property ownership across England and Wales. Brexit continues to dominate the policy agenda, with trade, labour, regulation and future agriculture policy all key issues.

The CLA Land Management Contract published in April 2018 is considered a blueprint for the development of the public goods models in England and Wales. Specific policy and advice areas include farming profitability and productivity, new environmental markets, resource protection – water, soils and air, and climate change.

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