CLA responds to 'Our Future in Land' report

16 July 2019

RSA cover

Tim Breitmeyer, CLA President responds to the RSA’s Food, Farming and Country Commission report into the future of food and farming:

“There’s much to welcome in this report from the RSA which explores how we can encourage healthy food, drive positive change in the farming sector and food chain through technology and financial support, and ensure that we deliver an economically and environmentally sustainable rural economy. We agree this should be the responsibility of the entire food chain.

“While we support its ultimate ambitions of delivering a food system which can avert the climate and health crises society is facing, this should not come at the expense of domestic farmers becoming uncompetitive internationally and facing imports from countries with lower environmental or animal welfare standards. In this scenario we would just end up exporting our carbon footprint abroad.”

“We also recognise the need for a strong regulatory baseline and critically we endorse the call to make it ‘do the right thing and increasingly difficult to do the wrong things.’”