Protecting Your Interests

How the CLA works on behalf of all the rural community

The only organisation specifically defending landowner rights

The CLA is the only organisation working to influence Government solely on behalf of owners of rural land, property and business. There are many other organisations spending millions of pounds each year on lobbying to pursue their own agendas.


All landowners, from the smallest acreage to the largest estate, need to act together vigorously to defend our interests. Nobody is doing more than the CLA to manage the impact on the value of land – both in the short and long term.

Anyone who owns rural land will benefit from joining the CLA

We are effective at influencing decision-makers at national and local levels. As a CLA member you can add your voice. Whatever the value of your rural land, business and property interests, the CLA subscription represents only a fraction of its true value and your membership is your best insurance for the future. Your CLA subscription is only a small price to pay to help protect the value of that land.

The rural economy needs a voice

Without the CLA the overwhelming numerical influence of urban votes will sway politicians. Only the CLA can and will make a real difference, whichever party is in power and however large its majority.


How the CLA makes a difference

  • Political lobbying – The CLA lobbies in Westminster and Cardiff as well as at regional and local levels. The CLA is acknowledged as the apolitical authority on the countryside and its use.
  • Trusted adviser – The CLA always ensures that its facts are correct and its representatives are thoroughly briefed.
  • Influencing Europe – The CLA, as a founding member of the European Landowners’ Organization (ELO), works closely with the ELO and other European landowner organisations and as a result has considerable influence over future rural policy.
  • Working behind the scenes – The CLA can justly claim many successes over the years, many of which happen behind the scenes before even the public announcement of policy.
  • Briefing all politicians – The CLA attends the party conferences of all the major political parties and works to help brief the different policy teams.
  • Press coverage – The CLA maintains good connections with press contacts both locally and nationally.
  • Leading the rural debate – The CLA works with a wide range of organisations from the Game Conservancy Trust and NFU to the Countryside Alliance and RSPB.

Recent achievements

  • Ensuring Government recognises that national heritage is primarily looked after by private landowners. 
  • Changing the national conversation about rural broadband and getting it as a government priority.
  • Promoting a balanced strategy for support promoting both the production of food and the environment – this has largely been accepted as the most realistic way forward.

To achieve this takes considerable amounts of time, expertise, research and effort. In turn this needs your financial and moral support.

Playing your part

How can you help? Become a member – the more we have the stronger our voice.


Keep your county committee informed about what you want in order to help inform and shape the national agenda. Tell your MP about the CLA’s work and if they are not correctly briefed, refer them to us.