If you run a smallholding you should join the CLA

Running a smallholding effectively and efficiently can be demanding, so being able to access specialist landowning and rural business advice from the CLA is invaluable. Our advisers can help you understand all the rights and responsibilities you have for everything that happens on your land. In addition, you can raise your profile with the people who can make your enterprise a success and you will be supporting our effective lobbying activity which directly benefits the viability of your land and business interests.


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Why you should be a member of the CLA

Access reliable, topical information – regular emails, a monthly magazine, exclusive guidance notes and the CLA website keep you up to date with the range of rural legislation from Westminster and Cardiff and provide practical guidance on what you should do.

Receive free, unbiased, professional advice – our national experts, both in London and your own area, can help on every aspect of landownership – law, taxation, environment, planning and land use.

Share your issues – you can share ideas and best practice with members from around the country to help you succeed with your own projects, whether you plan to open an equestrian centre or rear rare breed livestock.

Develop your income streams – benefit from seminars and initiatives on diversification.

Make valuable connections – access the key landowning and rural communities and raise your profile with potential customers and suppliers.

Protect the value of your land and property – as an owner of rural land, you need the influential voice of the CLA to protect its value regardless of the number of acres you own, and our continuous work protects your private property rights. Find out how we work to protect your interests.

Cut your costs – specially set up by the CLA to meet the needs of land and rural business owners, these services include CLA Insurance, CLA Energy Services and CLA Healthcare.

Anyone who owns rural land and property will benefit from joining the CLA.


How we can help you

Some typical member issues. CLA advisers can help with all these areas and more.

Capital Gains Tax – how can I make the most of any reliefs?

Grazing agreements – who can ensure my agreements and licences are legal and compliant?

Basic Payment Scheme – who can clarify the compliance rules?

Planning – what do I need to bear in mind when applying for planning permission?

Boundary disputes – how can I make sure I have what is rightfully mine?

Rights of way – what can I do to stop the public coming on to my land?

Trees – how do I ensure my trees are not dangerous to passers-by?

Legal advice – how can I keep up to date with ever-changing legislation?

Property rights – who can explain my rights and responsibilities over my own land?

Heritage – how can I make the most of my listed buildings?

Country sports – what is the law from the perspective of the landowner?

Contracts – who can ensure my contracts and licences are legal?

Employment – what are my current legal responsibilities?

Fly-tipping – am I liable for clearing up rubbish tipped on my land?

Compulsory purchase – what are my rights and how can I secure compensation?

Diversification – what do I need to think about when diversifying?

Renewable energy – what is the best option for me?

Inheritance Tax – how can I avoid the threat to long-term family ownership?

Occupier’s liability – what are my legal obligations to people coming on to my land?

Utilities – what rights do utility companies have to come on to my land? 


What does annual membership cost?

Membership starts from £239 for a year; the subscription is based on the number of acres you own and will be a fraction of the overall value of your land and property which your CLA membership protects.