Will the Wales follow Defra in advancing BPS?

We've made inquiries to the Welsh Government for clarity if it will follow-suit
Silage bales, Powys

Welsh farmers may be expecting developments from the Welsh Government, which reflects Defra’s announcement, last week, that farmers in England will receive an advance of 50% of the Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) payment for 2022. The move is in response to farms facing surging costs with fertiliser and energy prices to take pressure off short-term cash-flow.

CLA Cymru Senior Policy Advisor, Fraser McAuley says, “The CLA has welcomed the news to advance the Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) instalment to July. As this is an issue that the CLA has been calling for action on for the benefit of our members, it is encouraging to see that Defra has recognised the current cash-flow and inflationary constrictions the agricultural sector is facing, and consequently has implemented measures to help relieve these pressures at such a difficult time. It is important to note that BPS recipients in England have seen some cuts to their overall BPS payment as new farming policies are introduced. This has not happened in Wales.”

“As things stand, already in Wales, 70 per cent of an individual’s total claim for October is scheduled to be paid. We are continuing to monitor the impact of high input prices and will work with Welsh Government to ensure Welsh farmers can get appropriate additional support if required. We keep a close eye on consistency and competitiveness with the sector in England.”

Fraser adds, “In the run up to the Royal Welsh Agricultural Show, the Welsh Government will be publishing a draft Sustainable Farming Scheme. The show itself will be a great opportunity for members to meet with both ourselves - and Welsh Government - and give your views to how farming policy is progressing in Wales. I - and colleagues - will be meeting with Minister’s, officials and other colleagues in farming organisations to make sure the new scheme will work in the best interests of Welsh farms.”