Support Small Business Saturday this festive season! Buy local - buy fresh – support the local economy, CLA Cymru tells the public.

26 November is "Small Business Saturday" - a day devoted to celebrating and promoting the work of local SME business-people. It's timed to encourage families to support them in the festive period.
Gwylim & Annabelle Morgan, Copper & Holly
Gwilym and Annabelle Morgan run “Copper and Holly” on a farm near Brecon - a business which grows and sells Christmas trees, wreaths and garlands and a wide range of festive goods.

Small Business Saturday (26 November) is always timed for the beginning of the Christmas period. “We should all choose locally grown Christmas trees, wreaths and garlands this festive season, to support rural businesses and the environment,” says Nigel Hollett from the Country Land and Business Association in Wales, (CLA Cymru).

“It makes good practical sense: smaller retailers are likely to be locally supplied – it’s worth asking where they get their supplies from – and many will point to the neighbouring fields!”

“Locally grown trees may only have been cut a short time before arriving at the retailer - reducing the likelihood of needle-drop. Supporting our local economy means securing local jobs, and supporting local livelihoods. But we must think of the environment: all those miles of fuel-consumption in a more distantly-produced tree.”

Local growers Gwilym and Annabelle Morgan produce and sell Christmas trees, garlands and wreaths and run a festive bijou emporium on their farm near Brecon. Annabelle says, “Locally grown trees will have been cut and prepared very recently in contrast to many trees in the larger retailers which may have been cut and stored for as long as since September. These may have been imported from as far away as Norway.” Annabelle recommends locally grown Nordmann or Fraser Fir for best shape and long-lasting with minimal needle-drop. “Many families return year on year - selection of the tree being a cherished Christmas tradition. They know that they have a quality tree, where it came from, and that it’s fresh.”

Nigel Hollett says, “Many people will already be regular visitors to farm shops and farmers’ markets – and in the Christmas season they’re full of wonderful local produce. Small Business Saturday encourages consumers to shop local. It provides an important impetus for consumers to support small businesses in their communities, not just in the run up to Christmas, but throughout the year.”