Rural MP appointed Secretary of State for Wales

David T.C.Davies MP, supporter of our Rural Powerhouse campaign represents Wales in Cabinet - and there's much to do for rural communities.
David T.C.Davies MP, SoS4W 1.
David T.C.Davies MP supported our Rural Powerhouse campaign in 2019.

Responding to David T.C. Davies’ appointment as Secretary of State for Wales, Country Land and Business Association President Mark Tufnell said:

“We warmly welcome Mr Davies to his new role, in a department with which he is already well familiar having served there since 2019 as Parliamentary Under Secretary of State.

“Mr Davies has a vital role to play as a strong voice for Wales at Cabinet. International affairs, trade deals, policing and critically Wales’ central budget, are all determined at Westminster. Equally, it is important that government in Wales fits and plays its part in driving the UK forward. Farmers and land owners in Wales are still very concerned about the impact of the cost-of-living crisis on the rural community, with the development of the UK single market, and the progress in forging robust and long-lasting trade deals with international partners.

“Wales shares many of the challenges faced by rural communities in England. Mr Davies’ can play an important part in championing the rural cause: ensuring levelling-up funding equitably reaches rural parts, and facilitating Westminster and Cardiff work together to tackle vital technical challenges which hold back rural development: investment in energy grid capacity and improving online connectivity. In these areas, Mr Davies will be well-placed to encourage government to manage the UK-wide service providers.

“Mr Davies has previously been a Member of the Senedd, and as a long-standing Member of Parliament for the largely rural constituency of Monmouthshire, we believe he is well-placed to make use of these to support rural Wales.”