More red-tape and onerous taxes - and no benefit for rural holiday providers

The Welsh Government has started its consultation on a proposal to introduce a statutory licencing scheme for all visitor accommodation in Wales. CLA Cymru responds.
Wales self catering holiday accommodation
Some of these are already being removed.

You can read the government’s consultation document here.

“The proposed statutory licence will represent yet another tax and administrative burden for those who run holiday lets in rural Wales,” says CLA Director, Nigel Hollett. “It’s likely to be used as a tool to manage the Welsh Government’s proposed Visitor Levy. Already holiday accommodation providers are confronted by challenging tax thresholds. The Government is yet to demonstrate how its intention that money raised will support a tourism industry which is still in recovery-mode following the pandemic lockdowns. More administrative costs and regulation will drive rural marginal holiday accommodation providers out of the market.”

“The Welsh Government concedes that its policy towards tourism and the parallel initiatives targeting second homes are focused on solving the affordable housing crisis. This is a vital issue and in the rural context should be tackled by a review of the planning system to create new approaches to sustainable residential development, and more support for the rural private residential letting sector.”