Don’t be needled by your Christmas tree! Buy local - buy fresh, says CLA Cymru

The CLA is encouraging the public to buy locally grown Christmas trees this festive season, to support rural businesses and the environment

We should be buying our Christmas tree from a local business because fresh is better, and it supports the local economy

Nigel Hollett, CLA Cymru Director

“Buying a locally grown tree means that it may only have been cut a short time before arriving at the retailer, reducing the likelihood of needle-drop – so it makes good practical sense. Supporting our local economy means securing local jobs, and supporting local livelihoods. But we must think of the environment: all those miles of fuel-consumption in a more distantly-produced tree.”

“Many people will already be regular visitors to farm shops and farmers’ markets – and in the Christmas season they’re full of wonderful local produce. Small Business Saturday, a campaign that highlights small business success, and encourages consumers to shop local, takes place on the first Saturday in December. It provides an important impetus for consumers to support small businesses in their communities, not just in the run up to Christmas, but throughout the year.”

“When buying your tree it’s always helpful to know where it comes from. Smaller local retailers are most likely to be locally-supplied.”

Christmas trees are bought in a relatively short period, usually starting from late November. Last year many families seemed particularly keen to start the festivities early as a tonic to the pandemic.

“Local tree growers tell us many families return year on year; selection of the tree being a cherished Christmas tradition. They know that they have a quality tree, where it came from, and that it is fresh. They advise us to look after our tree, by placing it in a water-bearing stand and keep it topped up, and away from direct heat.

Most popular are the Nordmann Fir, with a broad needle, an open habit and good needle retention characteristics but other species are available, particularly if you go direct to a local grower, who can be found on the British Christmas Tree Growers Association website ( That way you know you will have a UK-grown tree, freshly cut and able to speak to the grower who has nurtured your perfect tree over as long as 10 years, depending on size. A typical six-foot tree will be 8-10 years old.