Different guidelines will create confusion when business needs more clarity, says CLA Cymru

Commenting on the Welsh Government’s announcement of easing of Covid 19 restrictions, CLA Cymru Director, Nigel Hollett says:-
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Welsh rural tourism businesses are still counting the days - and the cost

“There’s some welcome light at the end of the tunnel for Welsh rural businesses. But there’s still room for greater clarity and guidance to businesses about how they manage much-needed demand from beyond what the Welsh government calls “local”.

Medical safety is a priority, we hope we’re at a turning-point in defeating the virus. But England and Wales should be working closely together in a challenge which affects both countries. Differences in English and Welsh guidelines create a border-barrier. They are a source of confusion and inevitably they’ll be challenging to enforce. For everyone’s benefit, it’s important that the guidelines converge.

I welcome more support for businesses which are still unable to trade. But no substitute really exists for opening the door to customers in person – and encouraging them to come again.

Rural enterprises must open in fair competition. Businesses in retail, tourism, hospitality and amenities need the reassurance and the support to see a clear way ahead towards reopening of the economy. English and Welsh road-maps need to dovetail, and both governments need to develop safeguards to maximise the possibility that we’re on a path towards full and permanent opening.

Meanwhile, CLA Cymru we will continue working to support rural, land-based businesses on their journey to be open-for-business.”