CLA welcomes Welsh Government's organic support payment announcement

Welsh Government Minister for Rural Affairs' announcement, 17 January
Barley for livestock, Wales

The Welsh Government Minister for Rural Affairs and North Wales, and Trefnydd has announced support payments for fully-certified organic farmers in 2024. CLA Cymru Senior Policy Adviser says, "Wales' organic sector forms a vital part of Wales' agriculture portfolio, producing high quality, meeting high standards, for a valuable but highly discretionary market made sensitive to inevitable additional costs. Equally, many organic producers are associated with some of the leading work in land management in further improving soil health, livestock welfare, natural conservation and making inroads into tackling climate change. The announcement provides some real reassurance of continuing role of organic producers in the developing Sustainable Farming Scheme."

Fraser adds, "While we welcome the announcement, going forward, we will be monitoring the level and management of support and the development of criteria and regulation imposed by government to qualify for the scheme. Welsh organic producers must continue to be globally competitive.

You can read the Welsh Government announcement here.

Key contact:

Fraser McAuley
Fraser McAuley Senior Policy Adviser, CLA Cymru