CLA Cymru calls for cease to the sale of disposable barbecues

In a call to action for all major retailers across the UK, the Country Land and Business Association (CLA) is calling for an immediate ban on the sale of disposable barbecues in an effort to prevent more wildfires damaging the countryside and threatening rural communities.
Fire (pixabay free image)1

“The CLA is demanding that retailers immediately ban the sale of disposable barbecues across the UK this summer in a move to curb fires spreading in the countryside which cause great damage to rural communities, businesses and jeopardise the safety of all those in the surrounding areas. It is encouraging to see that Marks and Spencer has taken this decision, however it is now time for other major retailers to follow suit as soon as possible.

“During this period of prolonged lack of rainfall, record temperatures during heatwaves and wildfires damaging the countryside, policies such as this which can mitigate potential further fire damage are sensible and necessary.

“We warmly welcome people to the countryside as they seek to enjoy the glorious weather. But we ask them to help us protect farmland and natural habitats by not lighting barbecues, fires and other potentially hazardous materials such as sky lanterns.”