Advocating for Welsh members in the Senedd

The CLA Cymru team highlight a few ways in which they have been engaging with the Senedd on behalf of members
The Senedd, Welsh Parliament in Cardiff Bay

It has been a busy month in the Senedd and CLA Cymru has achieved several notable successes in advocating for our rural communities. These are all steps forward from the Rural Growth Plan Report which was launched in March 2024 as a consequence of the Senedd Cross Party Group on Rural Growth, on which CLA Cymru were Secretariate.

Rural council tax review

CLA Cymru achieved a significant victory in the Senedd by postponing until 2028 proposed changes to rural council tax, so that further review of these policies can be made. These changes would have disproportionately impacted rural homeowners, potentially destabilising local economies. Through persistent campaigning and effective lobbying, CLA Cymru successfully highlighted the adverse effects and unfairness of the very premise of the proposed policy, leading to its retraction. This effort underscores the organisation’s dedication to helping facilitate practical planning law that supports rather than hinders rural growth.

Halting changes to school holiday schedules

Another crucial win for CLA Cymru was halting the proposed changes to school holiday schedules. These changes were seen as detrimental to rural families and businesses, especially those in the tourism sector. Through targeted advocacy and collaboration with stakeholders, CLA Cymru helped ensure that the proposal was shelved until a review in 2026.

The Sustainable Farming Scheme

In the legislative arena, CLA Cymru has been actively involved in the discussions and development of the Sustainable Farming Scheme (SFS), a crucial legislative initiative aimed at promoting sustainable agricultural practices in Wales. The SFS is meant ot be designed to reward farmers for implementing practices that respond to climate and nature emergencies while maintaining food production. However there were clear issues with the draft proposal and by advocating for policies that are workable, CLA Cymru endeavours to ensure that the interests of rural farmers are represented. This involvement helps shape a scheme that not only promotes environmental stewardship but also ensures economic viability for farmers

The recently formed Ministerial Committee regarding the turnaround and subsequent SFS review with Rural Affairs Minister Huw Irranca-Davies, includes both our Director Victoria Bond and Policy Advisors to ensure that this ongoing review meets the needs of our Members.

Energy Welsh Government Committee

The newly formed Energy Welsh Government Committee is another key platform where CLA Cymru is making significant contributions ahead of policy across the many impacts of renewable energy. The committee focuses on energy policy, infrastructure, and sustainability, all critical areas for the future of rural Wales. CLA Cymru’s participation in this committee involves advocating for policies that support renewable energy projects and improve energy infrastructure in rural areas, whilst protecting our landscapes and economy. This proactive engagement ensures that we will be at the forefront of ongoing debates.

Our dedicated CLA Cymru policy and external affairs team are committed to ensuring that the voices of our members are heard and that policies are enacted to support the economic and environmental sustainability of our rural communities.

CLA Cymru Director Victoria Bond

These recent wins in the Senedd highlight the importance of our continued efforts to advocate for rural Wales.

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