Welsh Government Visit to Directors Farm

Victoria Bond, Director of CLA Cymru, recently hosted an on-farm meeting for Welsh Government SFS lead, showcasing her farm's practices and the challenges faced by local farmers.
Director Victoria Bond with Mark Alexander. Photo credit: J Pearce

On Farm Practicalities

Victoria Bond, Director of CLA Cymru, hosted an on-farm meeting for Welsh Government last week, showcasing her farm's practices and the challenges faced by local farmers. This meeting was part of CLA Cymru’s ongoing efforts to ensure that agricultural policies are both effective and grounded in the realities of rural farming.

Mark Alexander from the Welsh Government, who works on the team supporting Minister Huw Irranca-Davies, along with other local farmer members, participated in discussions about the Sustainable Farming Scheme (SFS). The conversation focused on the practical implementation of the SFS, emphasising the need to balance environmental sustainability with economic viability.

Senior Advisor Fraser Mcauley and External Affairs Consultant Jacqui Pearce were also on hand to engage with Members, Farmers and the attendees, including the chair of the local Common Land Association to develop relationships between all parties.

Victoria Bond highlighted the importance of such dialogues, stating, “Engaging directly with policymakers and stakeholders to discuss real time practicalities is crucial to developing agricultural policies that are practical and beneficial for the rural economy. These discussions help ensure that policies are not just theoretically sound but also workable on the ground.”

A Review of the SFS

Alexander's visit underscores CLA Cymru’s commitment to working collaboratively with the Welsh Government and farmers to refine and improve agricultural policies. The team at CLA Cymru will continue to engage with Minister Huw Irranca-Davis and other stakeholders in hopes of achieving a revised and practical document by early next year.

“The Sustainable Farming Scheme has the potential to drive significant positive change in rural Wales, but it needs to be adaptable and considerate of the economic realities faced by farmers. We are dedicated to ensuring that the final version of the SFS is one that truly supports our farming communities while promoting sustainable practices.”

Victoria Bond, CLA Cymru Director

CLA Cymru remains steadfast in its mission to advocate for the needs of rural Wales, ensuring that the voices of farmers and rural business owners are heard and considered in policy development. By facilitating such meetings and discussions, CLA Cymru continues to play a pivotal role in shaping a prosperous and sustainable future for the Welsh countryside.

For more information and to get involved, please contact CLA Cymru at wales@cla.org.uk.

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Victoria Bond Director, CLA Cymru