Pembrokeshire Creamery: Leading the Grass to Bottle Revolution in Wales

Pembrokeshire Creamery made history this as Wales' first Grass to Bottle milk production unit, exclusively processing milk from Welsh farms. CLA Cymru Director Victoria Bond was there ahead of the launch.
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Victoria Bond, CLA Cymru Director pictured with Endaff Edwards (Operations Manager) L and Christopher Reynolds (Sales and Customer Manager)R

From Field to Bottle

Pembrokeshire Creamery made history this week as Wales' first Grass to Bottle milk production unit, exclusively processing milk from Welsh farms. This pioneering facility promises to transform the local dairy industry by reducing food miles and creating vital local jobs.

CLA Cymru Director Victoria Bond visited Pembrokeshire Creamery, the Grass to Bottle milk production unit, ahead of its opening. Owned in part by Puffin Produce, a proud CLA Cymru member known for their Blas y Tir brand. The creamery underscores CLA Cymru's belief in committing to supporting food and drink in Wales and promoting farm-to-fork principles in action. A key highlight of our Rural Growth Plan initiative, driven from the Senedd CPG on Rural Business.

"Pembrokeshire Creamery and the team behind it exemplify the innovation and dedication of Welsh agriculture and the rural food industry. It's a proud moment for Wales, and CLA Cymru is thrilled to see such a commitment to sustainability and excellence."

Director Victoria Bond praised the initiative

Pembrokeshire Creamery is set to handle an initial 60 million litres of milk annually, with plans to double this capacity by 2025. This significant undertaking is already making an impact, with 60 new local jobs created, providing a substantial boost to the community. The creamery’s first major client, Asda Wales, received their inaugural delivery of 26 million litres of milk, with Lidl following closely behind.

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“We will be the only BRC Certified facility to offer Welsh milk that is also bottled in Wales, enabling us to offer an authentically Welsh milk supply for Welsh supermarket stores. This unique selling point gives Pembrokeshire Creamery, and the farmers who work with us, a strong point of difference in meeting the needs of both retailers and consumers who increasingly value locally-sourced produce.”

Managing Director, Mark McQuade

The creamery's core values guide their operations, focusing on sustainable practices, ensuring minimal environmental impact. They are also committed to paying fair market prices direct to farmers, helping bolster the local economy. Their dedication to quality is demonstrated through stringent quality control and the adoption of state-of-the-art technology, ensuring complete traceability.

Victoria Bond highlighted the broader implications of this initiative for CLA Cymru's mission:

"This facility stands as a testament to the potential for innovation and economic growth within Wales' rural communities. Producer members are a key backbone of the rural economy in Wales, providing essential contributions to agricultural productivity, local employment, and sustainable practices. CLA Cymru is committed to supporting them by exploring new partnerships and organising events aimed at fostering growth, sharing best practices, and enhancing the resilience of the agricultural sector. Through these initiatives, we aim to ensure our members have the resources and opportunities needed to thrive in an evolving marketplace.”

As Pembrokeshire Creamery opens its doors, it is a shining example of how local initiatives can drive substantial economic and environmental benefits, reinforcing our commitment to a vibrant and resilient rural economy.