Meet the CLA South West Team series - Kim John

Get to know the people behind CLA south west, in this series

As we have been unable to get out as much as we'd have liked over the past year, and with a couple of staff changes in that time, we wanted to give you the opportunity to get to know the team who works so passionately on your behalf.

Kim John, Communications Manager

Kim John Yoga.jpg
Kim enjoying a spot of yoga outdoors

When did you join the CLA?

I joined in October 2011. I’m approaching a decade! I started as a temporary Committee secretary and in 2017 became Communications Manager.

Tell us about your standard day working for CLA South West

A standard day? That could be visiting members across the region to interview for Land & Business, sourcing a case study for a TV or radio interview, preparing communications to members, writing feature articles or press releases, drafting social media posts or even filming a video. Nothing is standard in communications and that’s why I love it!

What do you enjoy most about working at the CLA?

The favourite part of my job, as varied as it is, is meeting and interviewing our members and sharing their stories in Land & Business magazine.

What’s a common problem that people in the industry face that you’d love to be able to fix?

Public perception of the industry. Social media is both a blessing and a curse for all sectors, but especially this industry. I’d love to be able to fix that.

What are your hobbies outside of work?

Unsurprisingly, writing is my hobby too, I enjoy publishing content for my lifestyle blog, amateur photography, walking, reading and I have brief moments enjoying fitness, at the moment, it's yoga and cycling!