Meet the CLA South West Team series - Ann Maidment

Get to know the people behind CLA south west in this series

As we have been unable to get out as much as we'd have liked over the past year, and with a couple of staff changes in that time, we wanted to give you the opportunity to get to know the team who works so passionately on your behalf.

Director South West, Ann Maidment

Ann Maidment Spring 2021.jpg
Ann with her jack russell Edith

When did you join the CLA?

I joined the South West region in April 2015 as a Rural Surveyor, becoming Director in August 2019.

Tell us about your standard day working for CLA South West

The only standard thing at present is being at home! My time is often spent speaking with colleagues, planning future events, and most importantly, talking to the members. The ability to continue to meet stakeholders and members alike via Zoom has been an absolute blessing which we will always be able to turn to, but I would really like to get back to face-to-face meetings very soon!  

What do you enjoy most about working at the CLA?

Can I choose two things?! First and foremost the members. They are so inspiring and supportive, I often meet fascinating members, learn about interesting innovative businesses and support them in difficult times. It is incredibly rewarding and offers such variety, I am always learning. Secondly, the south west team, their commitment and energy to the tasks, and empathy with the members particularly in the last year has been outstanding. As the saying goes, choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life!

What’s a common problem that people in the industry face that you’d love to be able to fix?

In the six years that I have worked for the CLA, the sector has continued to ask for clarity. Clarity in policy, in future schemes, Brexit and now ELMS.  Landowners are often heralded as the key solution to so many problems, but often lack the information to make decisions needed for the future of their businesses in good time. Many problems often start from a lack of clarity at the start, and could so easily be resolved by better communication.

What are your hobbies outside of work?

Although the hunting season was cut short, I’ve enjoyed exercising the horses during this winter from the family farm. I also enjoy tennis, sewing projects having trained in curtain making, beekeeping and my gardening skills are slowly improving, although not helped by my puppy Edith who on occasion “assists” me by digging the borders!