Cotswolds Fly-tipping reporting service

New service for reporting fly-tipping in the Cotswolds, has gone live

Residents will be able to report fly-tips more easily thanks to an improved service from Cotswold District Council.

A new online form will allow the user to pinpoint the fly-tip on an interactive map so they don’t have to spend time trying to describe the location or looking up a postcode.

That makes it is easier for the Council team to locate and with previously reported cases visible, it also means less duplication, allowing a quicker investigation and clean-up.

If a resident calls for more information about their report, the customer services team can give more detailed case information on the spot.

Fly-tipping is a crime as well as a blight on the environment, which we take very seriously.These improvements make it easier for residents to report fly-tipping, ensuring it is possible to clean-up fly-tips more effectively and pursue offenders more quickly.

Cllr Andrew Doherty, Cabinet Member for Waste, Recycling and the Environment
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You can now report fly-tipping in the Cotswolds online
To report a fly-tip in the Cotswolds