Local Nature Recovery Strategies: how to prepare and what to include

The CLA has responded to the Defra consultation on Local Nature Recovery Strategies (LNRSs). LNRSs, which will be brought in through the Environment Bill, will consist of a map of biodiversity for a local area (roughly County based) and a statement of priorities for improving biodiversity.

Local Nature Recovery Strategies (LNRSs) will be important to CLA members for two main reasons: first they will direct where biodiversity net gain takes place locally and second, they will target spending within the Environmental Land Management (ELM) schemes, especially the Local Nature Recovery (LNR) scheme.

I our response, we highlighted the vital importance of engaging and consulting farmers and land managers in the development of these strategies. We proposed the formation of a Land Management Advisory Board to ensure this happens.

The CLA is also concerned about the capacity of local authorities to deliver LNRSs, so we have argued for significant national investment in resources, guidance and regulations to ensure the process of developing local Strategies is effective.

Key contact:

Harry Greenfield
Harry Greenfield Senior Land Use Policy Adviser

Local Nature Recovery Strategies: how to prepare and what to include

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